The thirst for knowledge in Europe

So this time next weekend, I’ll be in Paris for the Les Blogs one-day conference on 25 April organized by Loic Le Meur of Six Apart. That event is a sell out, with 257 participants signed up.

It’s interesting to see where people are coming from – Loic has a breakdown which shows that people from 19 countries will be at the event. Not surprisingly, the biggest single country is France (160), followed by The Netherlands (22 – good showing!), Germany (20), the UK (19) and the USA (16).

Les Blogs has an impressive speaker lineup including familiar US names such as Ross Mayfield (Social Text), Caterina Fake (Flickr), Jason Calacanis (Weblogs Inc) and Doc Searls plus many European (and probably not so familiar) names such as Pierre Bellanger (Skyrock), Neil McIntosh (Guardian Unlimited), Ludovico Magnocavallo (, Julio Alonso (Weblogs SL) and Dominique Busso (VNU Net).

I plan to live blog as much as I can, and have some interesting conversations which I hope to podcast as specials in For Immediate Release. The event takes place in the French Senate building which Loic says will have free wi-fi.

Before Paris, there’s Blognomics, a half-day conference on blogging and business taking place at the RAI exhibition center in Amsterdam this Thursday 21 April. It’s the first event of its type in The Netherlands.

I will be there and hope to live blog if I can (although no news yet on wi-fi availability for the event) plus record a conversation or two for podcasting.

A few days ago, I was email chatting with Jacob Boetter in Copenhagen, who told me about Reboot 7.0 which takes place in the Danish capital on 10-11 June.

The event website says, "This year’s theme is the new ways ahead. After more than 10 years of old ways of creation, old values, and old models for communicating and organizing ourselves, new ways are emerging. That is what reboot7 is about."

It has a similarly-impressive speaker lineup as Les Blogs, including Robert Scoble and David Weinberger, plus Jason Calacanis and Doc Searls.

I very much like this part of the Reboot 7.0 description: "Reboot’s heroes are the mavericks who live the new ways and thereby lead and validate their possibilities." Sounds like my kind of event!

Much as I’d like to, I can’t go to Reboot as I’ll be participating in the Communication Directors Forum which takes place at the same time. There, I’ll be leading a session on (you guessed it) new media channels like blogs, RSS, etc, and how they work for business.

All great events, presenting you with great opportunities for learning and for connecting with some very interesting people.