Scoble’s boss moves to Skype

Via Constantin Basturea, news that Robert Scoble‘s boss at Microsoft, Lenn Pryor, is leaving the company to join Skype.

In a post in his blog yesterday, Pryor talks about his reasons for leaving Microsoft and what he’s expecting to see at Skype. He concludes his lengthy post with these words:

[…] I can’t wait to get started, you guys have something truly special and I am so grateful and excited to be a part of it. We are just beginning to change how the world communicates.

A very interesting development for one of the IT industry’s most pragmatic “I’ll help you get it” evangelists – and the crucial driver behind Channel 9, the phenomenon that’s credited with giving Microsoft a more human face. Pryor also was the enabler of bloggers like Scoble at Microsoft.

And it’s a milestone event for Skype in securing the new talent it needs to capitalize on its early success and help drive itself forward in a tough marketplace – one which looks like it will become a hostile place soon.

Good luck and success to all!