Anything could happen today

About to head off to Blognomics, a half-day conference on how new media channels like blogs can play a significant role in marketing, communication, PR, business and product development.

It’s taking place at the RAI conference center here in Amsterdam, just a 10-minute bike ride away from my office. And it’s a gorgeous day today for being out and about on a bike!

I’m hoping to meet up with some great Dutch business bloggers there, including Jonathan Marks, Ton Zijlstra, Marco Derksen, Guido van Nispen, Frank Meeuwsen and others.

Then, I need to get back here in order to do today’s Hobson & Holtz Report podcast. Some great content for today’s show including quite a few audio comment contributions from listeners.

As we said in last Monday’s show, Shel is traveling so it’s just me doing the whole live recording today with pre-recorded inputs from Shel. As he’s the real wiz on the production side, rather than me, anything could happen today!

Stay tuned.