Talk and images about Blognomics

Yesterday’s Blognomics conference at the RAI conference center in Amsterdam was a terrific event. With about 85 participants, there were so many great people to meet.

I commented about it in yesterday’s edition of the Hobson & Holtz Report podcast, so I won’t repeat all that here in a post.

If you’d like to listen to my 10-minute commentary, download the show (MP3, 27Mb); the Blognomics commentary starts at about 24 minutes 19 seconds into the show.

Already, there are plenty of other blog posts about the event, mostly in Dutch – check them at this Technorati link. Also, some media will report on the event. For instance, I was interviewed by NRC Handelsblad, one of the leading Dutch dailies, so I expect there will be some event coverage there. In fact, there was a strong media showing at Blognomics so I expect there will be more coverage in other Dutch media.

I’ve just uploaded 20 photos to Flickr. I saw that Guido van Nispen and Krijn Schuurman have taken some great photos, all up on Flickr as well. You can see all the photos there with the blognomics tag.

In all, I think Blognomics will have done a great job in raising more awareness in the Dutch business and political community.

Update Edit: I must also mention that Frank Meuuwsen was live video casting during the whole event – laptop, webcam and wi-fi meant he could do that.

All Frank’s videocasts are in Dutch, but go take a look anyway at the 10 ‘casts he did. Terrific example of what you can do, anywhere, any time, with a bit of imagination,  the right kit and a connection to the net.

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  1. Hi Neville,
    Thanks for the compliment. Truth is, we made the video-application in-house at Rhinofly and yes, doing a semi-live coverage of an event is one of the possibilities. Like you said, with a little imagination and a good kit (and good WiFi!) anything is possible. I will also cover Internet 2.0 this way coming monday.

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