It’s all happening in France – Part 2

Just about to unplug the PC from the net so I can get going.

Off to Paris on the Thalys where I’ll be participating in Les Blogs, the one-day conference about social networks, blogging, nanopublishing and where it’s all heading which takes place at the French Senate on Monday.

I’ll be one of 257 participants from 20 countries. With some 50 media participants as well, that bumps the total towards 300. Lots of interesting people to meet!

Earlier this month, I said that it’s all happening in France. Well, there is absolutely no question about that – see this story in Wired News last Thursday that gives some great insight into why new media communication channels like blogs have taken off in France more than in any other European country. So an event like Les Blogs is also a real open window on new media in France.

I plan to live blog from Les Blogs, and record a few conversations for the Hobson & Holtz Report, depending on wi-fi availability and the battery life in my PC. Imagine 300 people all trying to plug in their PCs to a very limited quantity of power outlets – only 20, Loic says!

I’ll also be posting photos to Flickr.

It should be a terrific event with lots to talk about.


4 thoughts on “It’s all happening in France – Part 2

  1. Legal blogs expanding to France?

    Neville Hobson writes “It’s all happening in France” referencing both Les Blogs, this week’s conference about blogs and the growth of French business blogs. LesBlogs is conference covering blogging and nanopublishing with 257 participants from 20 count…

  2. That’s good news, Loic!
    This should be a terrific event, Eric. Nice link to Hugh McLeod – he’ll be cartooning the conference. That should be interesting!

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