Les Blogs kicks off

It’s about 10:10 in Paris as I write this from the conference room at the French Senate where Le Blogs is taking place today.

Started a little late – lots and lots of people to enter the Senate and all the security, etc – but we’re now well underway. Currently, Joi Ito is presenting about Creative Commons.

The conference was formally opened by Cecile Moulard, vice president of the Club Senat. A stirring intro, some great commentary on blogging and the French (just what the Wired News story said last Thursday).

As you can see from the photo, this place is packed. To go with the pic, I also did a little commentary about it (MP3, about half a meg) on my portable MP3 recorder using the clip-on microphone clipped to my jacket lapel. Do let me know what you think of the sound quality.

And you’ll notice I’m not calling this little recording a podcast, because it’s not! No RSS feed for it! It’s just an MP3 file.

More later.


3 thoughts on “Les Blogs kicks off

  1. Commentary good idea, Neville, but can you get a bit closer to the mic and speak up. And tell that guy beside you to pipe down a bit 🙂

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