Who said what at Les Blogs

Constantin Basturea has put together an excellent listing of posts, podcasts and video clips that bloggers have posted about Les Blogs.

The lengthy listing includes lots of posts on each of the presentation sessions – very useful seeing all this together. Far easier to find things than via the Technorati tag. That’s excellent, but it gives you everything, whereas Constantin’s list presents you with a nice ordered list.

in addition, it lists reporting in mainstream media.

Les Blogs Coverage List

If you have posted about Les Blogs, please add your info to the listing. It’s a wiki so you can edit it.

Terrific, Constantin!


One thought on “Who said what at Les Blogs

  1. Ce siècle avait cinq ans – bis

    Suite…                … de la note du 1er mai, qui avait sauté…
    … P.S. 03.05.05 >>>  J\’aurais tout de même pu citer cet art…

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