Cops and blackberries

Why should a BlackBerry only be used in business?

Tech journalist Mike Wendland writes in the Detroit Free Press about how BlackBerries help the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office catch the crooks:

[…] Instead of checking e-mail and stock prices, the deputies are using Blackberries to call up mug shots and warrants from the field. Already, they’ve helped catch one fugitive.

In March, sheriff’s deputies and Southgate police officers were on the trail of a suspect wanted for failing to show up in court on a drunken-driving charge. “When they walked into the location, the officers were looking at a room full of people,” said Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans. To avoid confusion, Evans said, one deputy pulled out his Blackberry, typed in the suspect’s name and date of birth, and hit send.

Immediately, the little screen on the handheld device displayed the suspect’s mug shot, taken the night of his original drunken-driving arrest by Southgate officers. Bingo. The face staring back on the Blackberry matched one of the men in the room. “That easily, officers picked the suspect out of the crowd and took him into custody,” Evans said.

Detroit Free Press | Devices prove handy in fighting crime