The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #33: May 16, 2005

Content summary: Solving recent audio problems; listeners’ comments (on improving audio quality; blocking employee access to blogs; tools to create RSS feeds; Nikon’s camera problems and the PR perspective; the media and podcasting; media training movie); readers write to Business Week about their blogging cover story; upcoming communication and blog events in Australia; search engine optimization and blogs; IBM’s strategic initiative on company-wide employee blogging; upcoming interviews.

Show notes for May 16, 2005

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Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 41-minute conversation recorded live from Concord, California, USA, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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In this edition:


  • 00:30 Shel introduces the show; solving the recent audio problems; how to give your feedback; show notes

Discussion on listeners’ comments:

  • 01:52 Dan York on audio quality; companies blocking employee access to blogs; tools to create RSS feeds
  • 06:32 Mike Strock on Nikon’s problems with the D2X camera and the PR perspective; saying nothing in the face of potential product/customer satisfaction issues is a bad move
  • 09:57 Peter Clayton on a Wall Street Journal story on the media and podcasting; on a movie about media training


  • 11:58 Readers’ letters in response to the Business Week cover story on blogging, published in this week’s edition – wide-ranging feedback, skeptical and supportive; great fuel for developing more blog conversations
  • 20:37 Report from our Correspondent Down Under – Lee Hopkins in Adelaide, Australia, reports on an upcoming communications conference in Sydney and on BlogTalk DownUnder; on search engine optimization and blogs; on the power of podcasting
  • 27:24 IBM’s strategic initiative on company-wide employee blogging – a huge step forward in organizational communication, and its potential impact on customer relations and external perceptions of IBM


Links for the blogs, individuals, companies and organizations we discussed or mentioned in the show:

Intro – Skype.

Listeners’ comments discussion – Dan York, Marco Derksen, Aegon, De Telegraaf, ListGarden, Dan Bricklin, VisiCalc, Mike Strock, Nikon, Nikon D2X camera, Christopher Carfi, Kryptonite, Peter Clayton, Wall Street Journal article on the media and podcasting, Fast Company, Syndicate conference, Ragan Corporate Engagement conference.

Features – Business Week cover story on blogging, Nicco Mele, Blogspotting, Tulip Computers, Lee Hopkins, Melcrum communication summit in Sydney, BlogTalk DownUnder, Adam Curry, Daily Source Code,, Fredrik Wacka on podcasting, IBM, IBM’s employee blogging initiative, Mike Wing, Silicon Valley Watcher article on IBM, Tom Foremski, James Snell’s post on IBM’s blogging guidelines, Sun’s policy on public discourse, Robert Scoble’s Corporate Weblog Manifesto, Groove Networks’ weblog policy, Charlene Li’s blogging policy examples, Forrester Research.

Outro – Mike Wing, Peter Clifton, Tudor Williams, Angela Sinickas,, I Wanna Go Home, For Immediate Release, A Shel of My Former Self, NevOn.

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So, until Thursday May 19…

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