Learning more about podcasting

In late March, Shel and I were interviewed about podcasting by Steve Lubetkin for a column he was writing for the Spring 2005 issue of Attitudes, the quarterly magazine of the Jewish Community Voice of Southern New Jersey in the US.

Steve writes the regular tech column for the Attitudes print magazine. His article that resulted from our interview is a good read if you want to gain further understanding about podcasting, how it works and potential uses. Steve’s made it available for download (PDF) from his blog.

Part of the focus for Steve’s story was For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, the bi-weekly show that Shel and I present.

Steve has just posted the MP3 file of our interview which you can also download (35Mb) if you’d like to listen to our full 25-minute conversation. The topics we talked about included how Skype is changing communication, corporate podcasting best practice, benefits of podcasting for smaller businesses, music and copyright, and marketing podcasts.

Speaking of podcasting, the first how-to book I’ve seen is about to hit the book stores. Podcasting: Do It Yourself Pirate Radio for the Masses, a 314-page paperback written by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central, will be available at the end of June (that’s from Amazon.co.uk – early June from Amazon.com in the US).

Also, the May edition of the UK computer magazine, Windows XP The Official Magazine, has a great feature on podcasting. With sidebar Q&A from Eric Rice and Chris Pirillo, it’s a good general how-to introduction to the subject that is easy to follow and understand.

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  1. Just recently started listening to your Podcast and I think you are doing a really nice job covering the relevant issues and content. Congrats. — Pete Blackshaw, Intelliseek

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