Upcoming geek extravaganza in London

The last time I looked at the sign-up wiki for the London geek dinner next month, there were some 80 names. I looked again just now – and it’s 127.

Wow! It would be an easy conclusion to jump to in saying that the big attraction is probably the opportunity to share a margarita or two with Robert Scoble, who’s hosting the gig with Hugh McLeod.

Undoubtedly that has something to do with it. Yet I think it goes a bit deeper than that (no offence, Robert!).

Take a look at some of the people who have signed up. Geek bloggers, naturally. Plus people like me – communicator geeks involved with blogs. Quite a few journalists. Some BBC folk including from Backstage (check that out if you haven’t yet). DopplerRadio will be there. As will be some Microsoft UK bloggers.

A political focus as well, with at least one very interesting participant who plans to be there – the owner of the "Posted by melissa" moniker on Boris Johnson’s blog (he’s the MP for Henley, if you want to know).

That’s quite an eclectic mix. And I bet this event will be the most podcasted one of its type so far this year. Or at least set a record for the most margaritas consumed at a geek dinner (it takes place at the Texas Embassy restaurant). Or model Hugh’s bespoke T-shirts. Or all of the above…

Just looked at Hugh’s post today – he says the numbers could get up to 200.

Looking forward to meeting as many as possible on 7 June!