Blog stats for Japan – now what about Europe?

Nearly all the available statistics about how many blogs and bloggers there are estimated to be relate to the US. We have Technorati‘s estimate of about 10.3 million blogs. PubSub has a similar number.

During Les Blogs in Paris last month, one of the presentations I saw (can’t recall which one) talked about there being over 30 million blogs not in the English language out there in Asia.

Yesterday I saw a post by Om Malik citing a report from Japan on how many blogs there are in that country:

The number of people operating blogs on the Internet totaled 3.35 million in Japan at the end of March and is seen more than doubling in the next two years, while blog-based markets are expected to expand by about 40 times in value by the end of March 2007, the government said Tuesday [17 May].

About 16.51 million people visit blogs at least once a month, according to a survey by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The influence of "blogs will certainly grow in Japan, just like in the United States and other countries," a ministry official said. (Kyodo News)

Hard to find any meaningful numbers at all for Europe. Does anyone have any?

3 thoughts on “Blog stats for Japan – now what about Europe?

  1. Wie have for german speaking blogs, but they only count .de blogs and if they ping any service. You can get listed with another top level domain and most interested people go through the hassle, because blogstats provides much better statistics than technorati and co in many ways.
    But this does not count any german life journal, msn spaces, and so on. There are parts in the whole germanspeaking blogosphere don’t have any clue about pinging, trackback etc, so they are going under the radar … 🙁

  2. Neville, for the Netherlands the number of blogs is estimated on 250,000 (excl. 500,000 MSN Spaces). Both figures were presented at Blognomics.
    Recently I’ve done some research for the Scandinavian countries. Still have to work that out for a small article on Marketingfacts. Will keep you informed.

  3. Croatia has about 25.000 bloggers and the blogosphere is only 1 year old but very fast caching on.
    The first croatian blog tool makes tremendouse progress into what is wide known as ”participative journalism”.
    We have a function/button in blog editor called ” send this post to the editors” and it helps to identify/report from the people who have news or something valuable to say.
    I offend
    wonder why nobody pays attention ( in Europe or US ) to this extremely successful experiment in Croatia ( mainstream media here are paying attention), very unique in world’s terms.

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