Time pressure…

Imagine – no real time to blog! That’s been where I’ve been at all this week, hence pretty light posting in recent days. No signs of that improving, sorry to say, until early next week.

This is also affecting my ability to respond promptly to comments left on various posts. Lots of great conversation-starters, and the ball’s in my court on most of them. Same with email.

Shel and I finished recording today’s edition of The Hobson & Holtz Report podcast an hour or so ago. Earlier than usual as Shel’s traveling and wrapped up in meetings all day. Unfortunately, that means we probably won’t get the MP3 file up and available via the RSS feed until Shel gets back home late tonight (his time, PDT), unless he’s able to get online at the airport while he waits for his flight. So the show notes won’t be posted on our blogs until during tomorrow morning (my time, CET).

Just time today for a couple of quickies, both about RSS:

  • Microsoft makes all Knowledge Base articles available via RSS feeds. Huge development – access via RSS to everything technical you need to know about all Microsoft products. (via Robert Scoble)
  • RSS: full feed or extracts? I commented about this in a post last week on getting more from your RSS feed. My firm view is if you publish less than a full RSS feed, I won’t subscribe to it. So what happens to writers whose thoughts and opinions I enjoy reading? People like Chris Pirillo and BL Ochman, for instance, both of whom publish less than full feeds? Well, I still have their feeds in FeedDemon. But, frankly, I’ll be skipping through them pretty quickly from now on as I’ll be focusing on those feeds that have complete content. I do all my blog reading in my RSS reader, so you’ll need to figure out some new ways to drive traffic to your blog or website.

[UPDATE: For today’s show, Shel managed to get a wireless network connection at the airport and post the podcast (MP3, 22Mb). That meant I could do the show notes earlier, which I posted this evening Amsterdam time.]