The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #37: May 30, 2005

Content summary: Listeners’ comments (on podcast vertigo and rich media search; full-content RSS feeds are the way to go; garbled ID3 tags); getting on an email blacklist – and getting off it; more Naked Conversations; tips on presentations; Flash-based RSS aggregator; good and bad business podcast listening; Flash-based media players and MP3 files; Desert Island Discs; the challenges of communicating the EU Constitution.

Show notes for May 30, 2005

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Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 73-minute conversation recorded live from Concord, California, USA, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Download the file here (MP3, 29.2MB), or sign up for the RSS feed to get it and future shows automatically. (For automatic synchronization with your iPod or other digital player, you’ll also need software such as the FeedDemon RSS aggregator, or the free ipodder or DopplerRadio).

In this edition:


  • 00:28 Shel introduces the show; what this show’s about; how to give your feedback; show notes

Discussion on listeners’ comments:

  • 02:09 Scott Solomon on podcast vertigo and developments in rich media search
  • 05:26 Mike Strock likes full-content RSS feeds, not extracts, which enable you to read everyting when you’re offline
  • 10:10 Stuart Bruce has some problems with garbled characters in the MP3 file on his Tungsten T5 – is it the ID3 tags?


  • 15:10 Email blacklisting and whitelisting – what do you do when your domain gets on an anti-spam blacklist? It just happened to us.
  • 26:43 New blog book chapters on Naked Conversations; how Trevor Cook’s savaging of the chapter on PR resulted in content changes; Trevor’s 500 words to redress the balance; how online content critiques help the book’s credibility
  • 34:52 From Our Correspondent Down Under: Lee Hopkins – tips on presentations; update on Media Tuner Flash-based RSS aggregator and receiving podcasts; business podcasts: what makes good listening and what doesn’t; Flash-based media players and creating MP3 files that work
  • 42:47 Shel’s and Neville’s Desert Island Discs

Short Take:


  • 67:42 Neville outros the show; how to give your feedback; show notes
  • 68:52 Shel intros the music and the band; outro music

Links for the blogs, individuals, companies and organizations we discussed or mentioned in the show:

Intro – PR Week, Neville’s interview in PR Week.

Listeners’ comments discussion – Scott Solomon, Chad Dickerson, Open Text, Google, Podscope, Copernic, Blinkx, Mike Strock, FeedDemon, Stuart Bruce, Dan York, Tungsten T5, iPod, iPodder, Pocket Tunes, Windows Media Player, London geek dinner, Robert Scoble, Hugh McLeod, ID3 tags, Stuart Bruce: Why blogs are an essential part of the democratic process.

Features – Steve O’Keefe, IAOC,, blackhole list definition, Outblaze, Don Dunnington, Spam Soap, Cloudmark Safetybar, Naked Conversations, Robert Scoble, Shel Israel, Chapter 12, Chapter 2, Chapter 7, Trevor Cook, Trevor rebuts the PR chapter, Wiley, O’Reilly, We The Media, Michael Hyatt, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Lee Hopkins, Seth Godin, Beyond Bullet Points, Media Tuner, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster, Big Contact, PodcastNYC, Audacity, LAME MP3 encoder, Jeroen Wijering, example playlist of FIR shows in a Flash MP3 player, Wimpy Player, Geek News Central.

Desert Island Discs Special – Music: I Want You (Beatles), Crystal Frontier (Calexico), Lonesome Fiddle Blues (String Cheese Incident), You’re So Vain (Carly Simon), Chocdust Torture (Phish), Without You (Harry Nilsson), Gypsy Fire (Hot Tuna), Feelin’ Good (Nina Simone / Joe Claussell Remix), Beethoven 9th Symphony 2nd Movement (Berlin Philharmonic), Get Over It (Eagles), Tangled Up In Blue (Bob Dylan), Rudy (Supertramp), The Roadhouse Blues (The Doors), It’s a Sin (Pet Shop Boys), Dark Star (The Grateful Dead from 1969 Live Dead EP), Calling All Stations (Genesis). Books: Altered Carbon (Richard Morgan), One Hundred Years of Solitude (Gabriel Garcia Marquez). Luxury Gadgets: Barcalounger, solar-powered music player powering an ever-lasting battery with dual-listening headphones plus great speakers. [Most items should be available for purchase from your nearest Amazon. Except the luxury gadgets. Probably.]

Short Take – European Union Constitution, French ‘no’ vote, Dutch vote on June 1, Dutch Referendum Commission, EC Communications Commissioner Margot Wallstrom.

Outro – Daily Source Code,, RIAA, Laundr-O-mat (launches player), Samantha Murphy, For Immediate Release, A Shel of My Former Self, NevOn.

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So, until Thursday June 2…

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