The consequences of email blacklisting

During last weekend, Shel and I learned that the domain of For Immediate Release, our podcast blog, was included in a couple of email blacklists. These are databases that include the addresses of domains known to be the source for spam email. And on Monday, I learned that my domain, the domain of this blog, was also on a couple of such lists.

As you can imagine, we were flabbergasted. Thankfully, both these issues were speedily resolved.

Yesterday Shel documented the story in some detail. We devoted a major part of yesterday’s edition of our bi-weekly show to talking about our experiences and questioning how such things happen and how to resolve them.

The reason I’m posting about this is to draw your attention to Shel’s post and the very interesting conversation that’s now developing there – as I write this post, there are 26 comments in 24 hours. That’s quite a conversation going on.

If you have a comment or opinion on the thorny issue of email spam, blacklisting and whitelisting, email policies and related topics, head on over to Shel’s blog and join the conversation.