Don’t become an RSS extract

Catching up with RSS feeds since being away for much of the past week, I read BL Ochman’s Why Full Posts in RSS Feeders Don’t Make Sense with some exasperation.

As the writer of only three blogs with summary content in an RSS feed that I still read, BL’s argument for not publishing full content in the RSS feed is an open invitation for easy dismemberment.

Which is precisely and eloquently what Shel Holtz has done in beating the dead RSS feed horse. He’s joined by Allan Jenkins who condenses it all into some nice little takeaways on each of BL’s points.

I’ve make my opinions quite clear already (here and here) on why I think publishing full-content RSS feeds is a highly effective way of providing readers of your blog with your content in a way that makes it so easy for them to get it. All BL’s post has done for me is reinforce my thinking by about a thousand percent.

I still want to read BL’s content because I enjoy her writing. Now, though, I’ve aggregated the three summary-content individual-blog feeds I still subscribe to (including BL’s) into a new channel group in FeedDemon called “Extracts.”

I’ll get to that one about once a week. Maybe.

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  1. Really Simple Syndication

    What’s “really simple” about having to click through to an actual blog if you want to read more than the first few words? Nothing, obviously. I know, I know, I just went off about this the other day, but Neville…

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