It’s worth hanging out in the IABC Cafe

It seems a distant memory now that, after the IABC Chair blog launched last October, it quickly reached a nadir in expectations, engagement, involvement, leadership, worthwhile content, you name it.

That changed when incoming Chairman Warren Bickford took over as chief blogger and relaunched it as the IABC Cafe.

And what a change!

The Cafe has already become a place that has attracted a wider range of IABC members to visit, hang out and join in some conversations on topics such as weighty matters affecting the association and top five trends and issues, as well as lighter exchanges.

Now the Cafe will take a big leap forward in participatory communication at the IABC international conference in Washington, DC, next week with Warren’s IABC Cafe International Conference Coffee Press Corps, a group of 12 members who will blog the conference:

[…] The Press Corps is an interesting mix of conference first timers, seasoned vets, experienced bloggers and, dare I say it – no I better not – first time bloggers. They will be posting about their travels, sessions they attend, conference events, whatever (and whoever) they find interesting – or not – while they are at the conference.

Yes, it’s definitely worth hanging out there.