vSkype rocket

Launched in beta just three days ago, the vSkype video conferencing plug-in for the Skype internet phone sevice has certainly grabbed the attention of an awful lot of people.

From an email conversation last night with Stuart Jacobson, vSkype CEO:

[…] You might be interested to know that we have had ~50,000 downloads in 36 hours and we are growing fast – 7000 downloads in the last hour.

Then, two hours later:

[…] We are up 77,000 downloads.

Now, some 8 hours later, I wouldn’t be surprised if the total has gone past 100,000.

And, look out for both audio and video recording in an upcoming software release in the coming months.

This is going to be very hot!

4 thoughts on “vSkype rocket

  1. Another video plugin for Skype is out

    Just out. It seems limited to the first 5000 beta testers. It allows for multiple video conference calls. Haven’t checked it yet, but will in just a moment. The company is called vSkype. Update on 19/6/05: some stats about vSkype

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