Simply a gorgeous day

Today’s one of those city days when the weather is just perfect. Wall-to-wall sunshine, 25 degrees C (about 77 F), about 50 percent humidity. For this part of western Europe, it doesn’t get much more pleasant than this in a city.

Here in Amsterdam, it’s been pretty dismal during the past few weeks. A couple of pleasant-ish days but mostly cloud and usually rain. Today, though, made up for all that.

I took the photo above at about 3pm this afternoon, a view from my home office balcony looking south towards the World Trade Center. Contrast this with the scenes of heavy snow I shot from this same position back in March.

Incredibly, the weather’s even looking good for at least three days in succession during the coming week according to Forecastfox, my Firefox weather widget. Blimey!

Incidentally, it’s not only the English who always talk about the weather – the Dutch do as well (probably because the weather here and in the eastern part of England is, generally, quite similar). I add another dimension to that – an Englishman living in The Netherlands. So I can talk about it in English and Dutch 😉