Talking about podcasting on BBC Radio 4

A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed by BBC News senior reporter Jonty Bloom for The World Tonight, a news and current affairs radio programme broadcast every weekday evening on BBC Radio 4 in the UK. Jonty came over to Amsterdam and we talked about podcasting.

The interview was included in the programme which went out at 10pm last Friday 17 June. In the 4-minute segment, you’ll hear me talk about For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report (including our opening signature tune) plus a few snips from recent shows, so you’ll hear Shel as well. One of those snips is the beginning of our interview with Mike Wing of IBM, and you’ll hear him, too.

In the interview, I talked about how Shel and I do our show via Skype, a brief history of podcasting, what types of podcasts there are and how easy it is for almost anyone to do. Jonty included sound clips from a few other podcasts which I mentioned as examples of the range of podcasts there are out there.

Here’s how to listen to the Radio 4 broadcast:

  1. Go to The World Tonight –
  2. Click on the link "Listen to the latest programme" and then use the drag down menu on the right to find last week’s listing of The World Tonight programmes
  3. Choose the programme for Friday 17 June. You should get a popup window (depending on your browser) that will start playing the show. You can also choose to listen to it in a stand-alone Real player if you have that installed

The 4-minute segment on podcasting starts at about 23:52 into the 45-minute broadcast.

3 thoughts on “Talking about podcasting on BBC Radio 4

  1. Just listened. Great piece, Neville – and finally someone who can explain it in language the rest of us understand. But where was the BBC’s probing investigation? They didn’t appear to have anything to say on the topic at all.

  2. Thanks Niall. Probing investigation? Heh! I thought it turned out quite good considering Jonty compressed our 20-min chat into a 4-min segment 😉

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