Success for Dutch business blog meeting

One of the great things about presenting on new media communication channels to a group of people of which over 90% are active bloggers is that it certainly keeps you focused on the precise relevance of the points you’re making and which they’re expecting to hear about.

That was very much the case yesterday when I presented on blogs (and RSS and podcasts) as communication tools at the 2nd Dutch Business Blog Meeting (“Tweede Nederlandse Businessblogmeeting” in Dutch) held at the offices of Publicis in Amstelveen, just south of Amsterdam.

Nearly 50 people were there to hear presentations by Stephan Fellinger on blogs and marketing; Ton Zijlstra on blogs and knowledge management; and me on the communication topic.

Organized by Marco Derksen, who runs – one of the most prominent business blogs in this country – I judge the event as a great success in addressing topical themes relating to new media and setting them in the context of what’s happening in The Netherlands.

And there is a great deal happening here. For instance, Stephan announced the public launch of, a blog network with a range of niche blogs that address different consumer interests. A broadly similar concept to Weblogs Inc and Gawker Media in the US. Blogo launched with 10 blogs, with at least 5 more planned in the coming weeks.

By the way, don’t confuse with, an Italian blog portal. No connection, Stephan says.

At yesterday’s event, it was great to see many of the other Dutch business bloggers I’ve got to know in recent months including Frank Meeuwsen, Elmine Wijnia, Hans Mestrum, Frank Janssen, Guido van Nispen (a great photographer!) and Krijn Schuurman.

Best quote in the meeting, from Ton (who, you’ll recall, presented on knowledge management): “There is no such thing as knowledge management.”

Anyway, thanks and much kudos to Marco for organizing such a terrific event. Lots of posts (mostly in Dutch) about the event via Technorati. And check out Frank’s videos.

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  1. Tweede Nederlandse businessblogmeeting (2)

    Na mijn eerste verslag
    van de Tweede Nederlandse businessblogmeeting van afgelopen donderdag,
    vandaag deel 2. Een samenvatting van een boeiende presentatie over
    weblogs als communicatie- ininstrument. Onder de titel ‘Conversations,
    Influence and Yo…

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