Explaining it simply: Microsoft and RSS

Nearly all the reporting I’ve seen in blogs and mainstream media during the past 24 hours about Microsoft’s support for RSS has tended to be rather techie in its focus, including my own post.

Here’s all most people really need to know about it, from a BBC News report last night:

Microsoft’s next version of its browser, Internet Explorer 7, will make it easier for people to keep automatically aware of website updates.

IE7 will have an orange button on the toolbar which will light up when it detects a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed on a site. Users can click on a “plus” button to subscribe to the site’s feed, as they would with a bookmark.

The new browser is due to be released this summer. It had its public debut at the Gnomedex technology conference in the US city of Seattle on Friday.

Who wouldn’t understand that!

2 thoughts on “Explaining it simply: Microsoft and RSS

  1. Microsoft gaat flink uitpakken met RSS

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