Future Tense and the confluence of forces

Congratulations to Elizabeth Albrycht and the team at Corante for the latest thought-leading resource – the Future Tense blog which, Elizabeth as editor notes, is now live.

What will we expect from Future Tense? From Elizabeth’s introductory post yesterday:

[…] It is [a confluence of forces including technology, science, population demographics, globalization, education, society and culture] and how organizations are reacting to them that we will be examining here. I will be looking at them primarily through a framework of organizational communications, which is my expertise. I firmly believe that as we move to more distributed workforces, communications will be at the heart of whether or not we are successful. Other authors here will take different frames, including HR, technology, education, community development, and so on.

[…] We are starting an adventure, an inquiry, a conversation in this space. I hope you join us and pass on the word to others to stop by and add their thoughts. We welcome your ideas and your criticisms. I look forward to our interactions.