It’s all happening in France – Part 3

Business Week, 11 July edition:

[…] Turns out, smoke-filled cafés aren’t the only places where the French like to spend hours in existential debate. France has become a nation of bloggers. An estimated 5% of residents have set up blogs, a far greater percentage than in most other countries, including the U.S., where an estimated 3% keep these Web journals.

Nice introduction by Business Week that illustrates a fact I keep seeing almost daily and certainly every time I speak to anyone in France about new media communication channels like blogs – France is the leading European country for the broad uptake of blogs, whether for business uses or for personal social networking.

Who are these Gallic bloggers, Business Week asks, and what are they writing about?

While clearly most bloggers in France write in French, a small and highly-influential group writes in English. So Business Week offers a guided tour of the A-list French blogosphere, with descriptions of and links to the blogs in English of seven prominent French bloggers, most of whom have copious links to others (who blog mainly in French).

If you want to develop conversations and keep up with what’s going on in France, these seven should be in your RSS reader.

Business Week | Liberté, Egalité…and Blogging

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