Way to go, London!

Just arrived in London for a meeting later today to be greeted with the news everywhere that the 2012 Olympic Games will be held in London.

As I write this in my hotel room near Hyde Park, some air force jets have just flown over trailing red, white and blue smoke. Terrific!

So London beat Paris. I posted earlier today that it’s all happening in France at the moment. Not with this, though. Perhaps M. Chirac shouldn’t have criticized British cooking so much 😉

7 thoughts on “Way to go, London!

  1. Quick comment – Drew, thanks for asking.
    Yes, I’m fine. Been in a meeting this morning in my hotel, now seeing on the TV news all the horror of what’s been happening here this morning re the terrorist attacks at tube stations and on buses.
    Will I get back to Amsterdam later this afternoon, with all transporation in London completely in chaos? I’ll find out soon!

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