Safe and back in Amsterdam

A quick post – just arrived back in Amsterdam. I am amazed by the over 20 emails and more than a dozen voicemails I’m picking up now from family, friends and concerned readers asking if I’m ok. Thank you, everyone. Yes, I am!

I’ve been in London over the past two days. Caught up in the chaos at Paddington station this lunchtime which, as I arrived there to catch the Heathrow Express, was evacuated because of a bomb threat. Police everywhere and hundreds of people rushing out of the station. But the massive inconveninece today resulting from my being indirectly caught up in the effects of the terrorist outrages pales into complete insignficance compared to the direct and awful effects of those outrages with more than 35 people dead and over 700 injured.

Just to put things into proper perspective.

More later.

[EDIT 7/7/05] When I finally got back into Paddington station and onto the Heathrow Express train to Heathrow airport at about 1:45pm this afternoon, I recorded some thoughts about what I’d experienced while those thoughts were fresh in my mind.

A 10-minute commentary as a podcast; you’ll get it automatically if you’ve subscribed to my RSS feed via Feedburner, or click the image below to download it directly (2.3Mb, MP3):

I really don’t know if anyone will be interested in this, but it’s here if you are.

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Speaking of podcasts, today’s edition (show #48) of For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report is up but the show notes aren’t done yet. I’ll post those on the podcast blog and here tomorrow morning. You can download the show directly or subscribe to the RSS feed to get future shows automatically.

11 thoughts on “Safe and back in Amsterdam

  1. Neville,
    Glad to hear you made it through okay. Many folks in NY are thinking of everyone in London and wishing them the best.

  2. Oh Neville, so very relieved that you are OK and home safe in Amsterdam. There, but for the grace of God, go all of us – wherever we are in the world… Let’s not allow these terrorists destroy our way of life…

  3. Hi Neville,
    Good to hear you are ok. Been on the phone yesterday morning with most people I know in London, or saw their blogposting saying they were ok. Didn’t realize you were there untill Jonathan mentioned it in an e-mail.
    What these terrible events again make clear is how intimately connected we are all over the world. My ‘neighbourhood’ community is spread out over the entire globe, which makes everything local news.

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