New forum on Costa Rica debuts

If you’re interested in Costa Rica – a real paradise in my experience – you might be interested in participating in Foro Tico, a new discussion forum that opened last week.

This is the place where Costa Ricans hang out to talk about things that interest them. Things in the news, politics, sport, what’s on the cinema, you name it – the types of things that any group of people with common interests want to chat about. As it’s just started, its still building momentum. Little acorns and all that.

So if Costa Rica and its people are things that interest you, drop in for a chat. Oh, it’s a Spanish-language forum so English won’t cut it.

It’s a great forum! Now I’d better disclose my total bias – it was started by my wife who’s Costa Rican. She’s also a blogger, blogging (in Spanish) at Out of Costa Rica since last November. Why not drop in there and say hello (or ‘hola’).

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  1. Costa Rica: New forum on Costa Rica debuts

    Neville Hobson reports of a new Spanish-language forum on Costa Rica started by his wife, Marie Alden, a Costa Rican living in the Netherlands.
    NevOn: New forum on Costa Rica debuts

  2. Neville,
    Don’t forget the dutch startpagina 😉
    I maintained this page for almost 4 years after a visit to Costa Rica. A few month later I also started a forum ( with the help of a couple of emigrated dutch people who have some hostels in Costa Rica. They answer a lot of questions with enormous passion for Costa Rica without making any promotion for the hostels, only their URL is added and the end of their messages in the forum.
    It resulted in a win-win situation although we don’t pay eachother a penny; They receive more bookings from Holland, the quality of the forum is high and more and more people visit the forum before and after their visit to Costa Rica.
    After four years I’ve decided to let another Costa Rica fan maintain the page. I want to blog more. I posted a message to let anyone know this, the respons on this form the community was emotional for me (
    It’t a great experience to see these things happening on the net and get a online relationship with people you’ve never met face to face.
    Pura vida,
    I won’t make longer comments then this, don’t worry 🙂

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