RSS: Great fit for the corporate environment

In its 18 July edition, Red Herring magazine has a good feature article about RSS in the enterprise, focusing in particular on NewsGator and what Red Herring says is its emerging market leadership:

[…] While a newsreader is a lightweight project – not much of a business – NewsGator has been aggressive about synchronizing a wide array of platforms, from Microsoft Outlook to the web to a desktop client to a mobile phone application. Slap on behind-the-firewall security and you have all the trappings of an enterprise product.

I find it quite interesting seeing what NewsGator is doing, especially since its acquisition of FeedDemon in May. Perhaps I’m paying more attention to this as I’m a keen FeedDemon user and currently testing the first beta of the  forthcoming upgrade of its Windows desktop RSS aggregator and its integration with the NewsGator Online service (some initial comments about that here).

Key message for me from Red Herring’s feature:

[…] Whether they’re leading or following the bandwagon, enterprises are starting to realize that the strengths of RSS are great fits for the corporate environment. Email, web browsers, and databases often fall short when an enterprise wants to send a message to hundreds of thousands of global employees, to measure buzz about its products, to filter industry news for relevancy, or to synchronize employee’s web needs between work, home, and travel use.

Red Herring | RSS Goes Corporate

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