Police appeal for photos of London bombings

More bombings in London today, as media worldwide is reporting. Minor this time and, thankfully, no deaths reported.

As with the 7 July bombings in London, people directly caught up in events record and publish those events with cameras, camera phones and whatever means of communication they have available.

So direct appeals by the police to the public for photos, etc, shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone now, and appeals such as this one today undoubtedly will be part of standard procedures, so to speak, in the future:

Detectives today issued an urgent appeal for any photographs, video footage or mobile phone images that were taken on either Thursday 7 July or on Thursday 21st July 2005, either in or close to the areas where the incidents took place.

Police believe that these images could contain vital information and provide a crucial piece of the investigative jigsaw.

We are urgently appealing to anyone who may have photographs, video footage or mobile phone images which were taken either immediately before the attack, at the time of the incidents or immediately afterwards.

These images may contain crucial information which could help detectives in what is a painstaking and complex inquiry.

Please let us decide if the images you have are important. I would like to thank the public for their help and assistance.


One thought on “Police appeal for photos of London bombings

  1. Your right it would make sense for police to do this in teh future. And I hope that someone will be able to provide them with apicture that allows them to catch these murders.

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