The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #53: July 25, 2005

Content summary: Listeners’ comments discussion (on winning credibility in the blogosphere); Land Rover campaign update; road testing BlogPulse Profiles; Fast Company’s blog jam; talent and innovation depart Ford and Hewlett-Packard; an interview with Intelliseek about BlogPulse and BrandPulse; new data from Pew; AdCandy’s open approach; pledge for digital rights in Europe; PodcastCon UK; CNET podcasts; Mike Manuel and clear thinking; BBC Backstage innovates; Yahoo snaps up Konfabulator.

Show notes for July 25, 2005

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Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 70-minute conversation recorded live from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and almost live from Concord, California, USA.

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In this edition:


  • 00:32 Neville introduces the show; Shel’s not live today, but we have pre-recorded commentary; vote in the Podcast Awards; how to give your feedback; show notes
  • 02:31 What’s in today’s show

Listeners’ comments discussion:

  • 04:03 Adrian Melrose on winning credibility when campaigning on customer satisfaction with a blog and how the blogosphere is a free and fair medium to ensure balance if brands are transparent and open; the latest on Adrian’s Land Rover campaign

News and Features:

  • 07:24 Shel’s intro – why he’s not live on today’s show
  • 09:05 Shel road tests the new BlogPulse Profiles, and likes what he sees
  • 12:53 Fast Company magazine plans its second annual blog jam – an opportunity for editors and readers to discuss business, leadership and innovation on the FC Now blog
  • 14:34 Ford lays off 20 PR managers and Hewlett-Packard lays off thousands of employees – talent and innovation departs and is anyone safe these days?
  • 18:25 The low-down on the new BlogPulse offering from Intelliseek, especially BlogPulse Profiles, plus a look at BrandPulse – Neville speaks with Sue MacDonald, Intelliseek’s communicator and blogger
  • 32:50 Shel reports on a Pew Internet study which says the average American internet user doesn’t know much about podcasting and RSS – a good example of why communicators still need to pay attention to traditional communication methods; and what’s in a name?
  • 40:54 AdCandy‘s ad slogan contests – an open source marketing approach
  • 46:02 Supporting digital rights in Europe – Nicole Simon wants your pledge
  • 49:49 PodcastCon UK, the first podcasting conference in the UK, takes place in London in September – with a session on podcasting from the business point of view
  • 52:16 Recommended listening: a daily dose of tech news from CNET News Headlines podcasts – and an opportunity for someone to do something like this in Europe
  • 54:50 Corporate and employee blog policies unplugged – Mike Manuel highlights some clear thinking
  • 56:10 More innovation from BBC Backstage – a competition to make more from the TV schedules that could change how we use TV
  • 59:02 Yahoo snaps up Konfabulator – desktop widgets to spread in great giveaway


  • 62:08 Neville outros the show; how to give your feedback; show notes; the music

Links for the blogs, individuals, companies and organizations we discussed or mentioned in the show:

Intro – Podcast Awards.

Listeners’ comments discussion – Adrian Melrose, The Truth About the Land Rover Discovery 3, Jeff Jarvis, Dell.

News and Features – BlogPulse Profiles, Allan Jenkins, Star Trek, James Doohan, Fast Company, FC Now, IBM, Ford, Boston Herald, Steve Lubetkin, Hewlett-Packard, Alan Kay, Xerox PARC, Intelliseek, Sue MacDonald, BlogPulse, BrandPulse, Technorati, PubSub, Pew Internet and American Life Project, Steve Rubel, Amy Gahran, Todd Cochran, Marqui, Contra Costa Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, iTunes, HC+T Update newsletter, Safari, Firefox, Windows Vista, FIR interview with James Cherkoff and Johnnie Moore,, ClickZ, NAACP, Skype, Nicole Simon, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Danny O’Brien, Jim Graven, European Digital Rights International, PodcastCon UK, Paul Nicholls, Alex Bellinger, Adam Curry, Dave Winer, BritCaster, CNET News, Mike Manuel, BBC Backstage, TiVo, Konfabulator, Yahoo, AP, Jyve, Virtual Earth, Google Earth.

Outro – Audacity, Adobe Audition, PodcastNYC, Sound Scientist, Bill, For Immediate Release, A Shel of My Former Self, NevOn.

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So, until Thursday July 28…

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[UPDATE 26 July] There is a new version of the MP3 file now available. If you received the MP3 file in your RSS reader or directly downloaded it before about 6:30pm GMT today, I recommend you download it again. The replacement file has some signficant audio fixes that will make your listening experience much better with this file than with the original version yesterday. No content has changed and the show length is the same.