BlogHer today

There’s quite an event taking place today in California – the BlogHer conference.

The brainchild of Elisa Camahort and Lisa Stone, BlogHer will answer this question:

[…] Men, as well as women, have been asking, "Where are the women?" And we have been responding…we’re right here. That the same question is being asked now as was asked one year ago or two years ago is frustrating, but the real question is: what, if anything, do women bloggers want to do about it?

Some 300 people – 20 percent of whom are men: no gender issues – will be discussing these primary topics today:

  1. The role of women within the larger blog community
  2. Examining the developing (and debatable) code of blogging ethics
  3. Discovering how blogging is shrinking the world and amplifying the voices of women worldwide

See the programme schedule for full details. Each of the 20 sessions will be audio-recorded and made available as podcasts via IT Conversations. Fantastic!

Although the event has been sold out for weeks, you can still participate via the BlogHer Global Chatroom which will be live from 2pm GMT today until 2am GMT on Sunday.

Congratulations to the organizing team – Elisa Camahort, Jory Des Jardins, Purvi Shah, Lisa Stone and Katrin Verclas – and to everyone there!