Logo nostalgia

GollyIf you have fond memories of some of the greatest corporate symbols of the past century that are no longer with us, Logo R.I.P is a terrific website to visit for a trip down memory lane.

This logo, for instance – the Robertson’s Golly, a famous symbol in the UK for a range of market-leading jams and marmalades, disappeared from view just after the turn of this century. A victim of political correctness as much as changing social acceptance and adaptive marketing needs.

The imaginative website includes photos of many departed logos in graveyard settings as well as a book of condolences where you can leave comments with each logo listing. The 50 or so departed corporate emblems include those from well-known companies (some of which are also deceased) such as BP, NeXT, 3M, British Steel, Enron, Reuters, BOAC, Pan Am, Procter & Gamble, UPS, Delorean, Spratts, and many more.

The website is the online version of the book, Logo RIP: A Commemoration of Dead Logotypes, created by communications agency The Stone Twins in Amsterdam.

A great nostalgia trip with some great corporate designs.