Direct audience engagement with live podcasting

Today’s edition of For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, show #56, will be a little out of the ordinary.

The show will be recorded live from a McGraw-Hill internal conference taking place in New York at which Shel is presenting. I’m in Amsterdam as usual and Shel and I will be connecting via Skype as usual.

What’s different is that the show will be, in effect, the presentation that Shel will be making to a live audience in New York City, with me here in Amsterdam participating remotely. We’ll have active audience involvement during the presentation and discussion. Indeed, the audience will be part of the show – the most direct audience engagement for a podcast.

We’ll be doing the show at about 6.30pm GMT today, a bit later than we normally do. As a result, show notes won’t be posted until tomorrow morning. The show MP3, though, will be online today so if you subscribe to the RSS feed, you’ll get the show automatically as usual.

Yet more experimentation!

[UPDATE 9pm GMT] The show is recorded and now available. If you subscribe to the RSS feed or via iTunes, you’ll receive it automatically. If you’d like to download it directly, here’s the link:

Show #56 – direct download (MP3, 24Mb).

Show notes will be posted here during Friday morning GMT. There will be a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the podcast; a download link will be in the show notes.