Shari Kurzrok still needs help

Some weeks ago, I posted an appeal for help regarding Shari Kurzrok, a PR professional in the US who urgently needs a liver transplant. PR bloggers throughout the global PR community posted similar appeals.

What’s been happening in the ensuing three weeks?

A post yesterday on the Help Shari Kurzrok blog says that her life-threatening condition remains the same. Earlier posts say that she was in intensive care in the NYU Medical Center. Last Wednesday, the blog carried an appeal for blood donors.

If you can help, visit the blog for details on how.

3 thoughts on “Shari Kurzrok still needs help

  1. What an ingrate!! We get all wrapped up in someone’s situation, follow a blog, make a few phone calls, generate some activity, and don’t get any updates for 6 weeks……bullsh_t!
    Sorry to sound like a bitch, but there were a lot of strangers that were pulling for her and I’m glad she got the liver that she desperately needed, but where’s the love in return!!!???

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