Interview: Constantin Basturea – August 10, 2005

In this edition of For Immediate Release podcast interviews, Shel and Neville enjoyed a 45-minute conversation with Constantin Basturea, the man behind The New PR Wiki and Global PR Blog Weeks I and II.

About our conversation partner:

Originally from Romania, Constantin Basturea (pronounced BahshTUra) came to the US when his wife opted to pursue a PhD. Settling in Miami, Florida, Constantin decided to take the opportunity to obtain his own Master’s Degree in public relations at the University of Miami.

Since then, he has become a one-man resource for the global public relations profession, building tools that make it easier for PR practitioners to understand and apply the tools of social media. These include a wiki called The New PR, an annual online professional development event titled Global PR Blog Week, a PR headline service, and a comprehensive PR-focused bookmark listing.

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Interview Segment Time Points:

  • 00:00 Neville introduces the interview
  • 01:20 Constantin clarifies the pronounciation of his name
  • 02:45 Constantin’s PR headline list on BlogDigger
  • 07:16 Constantin’s PR blog list on Bloglines
  • 11:01 The New PR Wiki
  • 19:45 On Constantin’s independence (he’s a trusted source)
  • 20:38 Global PR Blog Week
  • 21:15 Global PR Blog Week 1.0
  • 25:27 Global PR Blog Week 2.0
  • 29:05 Constantin’s coverage of Ketchum
  • 38:11 What’s next? Constantin’s blog
  • 39:10 Constantin calls for volunteers
  • 39:50 The new look and feel of Constantin’s blog
  • 41:20 Constantin’s new list
  • 44:25 Shel wraps up the conversation

Links for the individuals and organizations we discussed or mentioned in the conversation:

University of Miami, BlogDigger PR Blog List, Greg Gershman, Bloglines PR Blogs List, The New PR, Executive Bloggers, Blogging Policies, RSS Winterfest, SocialText, RSS Winterfest Wiki (password required), Global PR Blog Week 1.0, IBM Podcast, List of Business Podcasts, Yahoo Search Engine, Google, pmWiki, The New PR Hot Issues, Ketchum, Land Rover story, Jim Horton, Global PR Blog Week 2.0, Trevor Cook, Jeremy Wright, Kevin Dugan, Jay Rosen, Steve Outing, Jeremy Pepper’s interview with Richard Edelman, Jack O’Dwyer, John Cass, Hill & Knowlton, The Washington Post Company, Jud Branam, BobWyman, PubSub, Constantin’s Ketchum posts, Adam Brown, Ketchum Personalized Media Services,, GM Fastlane Blog, HassMSL, Ketchum timeline on Hot Issues page, Jeremy Pepper’s interview with Adam Brown, PR Meets WWW (Constantin’s blog), pMachine, WordPress, Expression Engine, Moveable Type, Constantin’s bookmarks

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