The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #60: August 18, 2005

Content summary: Listeners’ comments discussion (blog comment moderation; alternatives to British Airways; FedEx the new ‘blogger Satan’; iPod display; news about Furl; why Hill & Knowlton started employee blogging; spicing up web pages; Skype for business calls; cool Jyve; smart Segway; Audacity and ID3); new audio recording equipment; no credibility for anonymous blogger; Cruisebox kick it; a cautionary blogging tale; speaking geek; Dell customer service hell again.

Show notes for August 18, 2005

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Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 77-minute conversation recorded live from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and almost live from Portland, Oregon, USA.

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In this edition:


  • 00:29 Neville introduces the show; what the show’s about; how to give your feedback; what’s in this edition; show notes

Listeners’ comments discussion:

  • 03:17 Andrew Marritt on WordPress for comment moderation; some suggested alternatives to British Airways when flying to the UK from continental European destinations
  • 08:16 Frank Meeuwsen says FedEx is the new ‘bloggers Satan’
  • 08:57 Susan Getgood‘s request for a better display of the show edition title in her iPod
  • 11:10 Marshall Kirkpatrick‘s news about Furl and a very curious customer service approach by the different company who’s at the address
  • 13:04 Niall Cook explains why Hill & Knowlton launched their employee blogging initiative
  • 16:30 Dan York on spicing up web pages with good logo graphics, using Skype for business calls, thinks Jyve is cool, complements a filmmaker on a Segway, and asks about Audacity’s ID3 tags


  • 28:48 Shel tells us about his cool new audio recording equipment for on-the-road recording (and starts with a story about dinner) and what he’s got lined up in his recorded commentary for this show
  • 34:48 What credibility does an anonymous blogger have, no matter the good-looking reasons? Shel’s analysis and strong critique of Deep Background
  • 48:01 Greg St Clare says ‘kick it!’
  • 49:16 A cautionary tale on advising a client about blogging when the client hasn’t told you his full story
  • 54:52 Journalists need to learn to speak some geek, says Tom Foremski – as do communicators, says Neville
  • 59:24 Corporate reputation – the impact of blogs that talk about businesses: about Dell, for instance


  • 68:57 How to give your feedback
  • 69:47 One more listener comment, from singer Rebecca Dru whose song we played on April 28
  • 70:50 Show notes; Neville intros the music selected by Shel

Links for the blogs, individuals, companies and organizations we discussed or mentioned in the show:

Listeners’ comments discussion – Andrew Marritt, WordPress, British Airways, Gate Gourmet, Easyjet, Swiss, Frank Meeuwsen, FedEx, Susan Getgood, iPod, iPod Mini, iTunes, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Furl,, Niall Cook, Hill & Knowlton, Collective Conversation, David Ferrabee, Ted Graham, Sally Costerton, Ketchum, Dan York, Skype, Jyve, Segway, Audacity, Skype Journal, Winamp.

Features – Behringer Eurorack, Marantz PMD660, Evil Genius Chronicles, Sound Flower, Ragan Communications, Roger D’ Aprix, Milton Moscowitz, Steve Crescenzo, David Murray, Deep Background, Home Improvement, Eric Eggertson, Stanley Bing, Fortune, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Captain Morgan Rum, Steve Rubel, Greg St Clare, Cruisebox, On A Podcast, Stephen Baker, Business Week, Blogging as you go belly up, Paul Purdue,, BL Ochman, Blogspotting, Heather Green, Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher, Movable Type, Dell, University of Michigan Customer Satisfaction Index, Bloomberg, Apple, Jeff Jarvis’ Dell timeline, Allan Jenkins, Christopher Carfi, Cluetrain Manifesto, Jeff Jarvis’ open letter to Michael Dell.

Outro – Rebecca Dru, The Cool Waters Band, No Use Denying, Podsafe Music Network, For Immediate Release, A Shel of My Former Self, NevOn.

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So, until Monday August 22…

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