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I installed Hot Recorder on my new Dell PC today, which I use for recording occasional Skype conversations for the For Immediate Release podcast.

Hot Recorder is a great application, as I enthused when I first discovered it in May. As a software-based option for recording phone interviews over Skype for use in podcasts, I think it’s the best out there.

Two things I noticed with today’s install. I have the paid version but had to download it again as I couldn’t find the original download. First, the Hot Recorder installer is marked as version 2.0.1, although the app still describes itself as version 2.

Just as well as then I noticed something quite interesting – an option to configure Hot Recorder to work with Google Talk, as this screenshot of the popup menu in the system tray shows.

So you can make and receive Google Talk calls and record those conversations. Not only that, you can also set up a voice mail facility in Hot Recorder that acts as an answering machine for Google Talk and record your own playback greeting. Very useful as Google Talk is currently rather bare bones.

The Hot Recorder Help page has been updated to include commentary about the app’s integration with Google Talk (which I guess would explain the 2.0.1 version number).

From what I can tell, this is the first third-party application developed for Google Talk. The first of many, I’d say. Still not a Skype killer, though.

Speaking of Google Talk, Chris Pirillo has some suggestions for what Google should have named their VoIP application. I think GTalk is the best one.

6 thoughts on “Hot recording Google Talk

  1. HotRecorder: registri le telefonate e installi la segreteria su Google Talk

    HotRecorder รจ un software che permetteva di registrare le proprie conversazioni su Skype e di creare in modo veloce un podcast da distribuire in rete.
    Neville Hobson segnala, sul proprio blog, che da alcuni giorni HotRecorder supporta anche Google …

  2. I know that Skype users are very loyal and that Google Talk is the only thing has seemed to cause them to question Skype….
    I am a real fan of Gizmo Project. Unlike what it requires for Skype (or Google Talk) to record conversations, Gizmo Project offers this feature standard. Recording literally takes a click of a button. While Gizmo Project currently does not offer a text IM feature, the sound quality is superior and it also offers a free voicemail inbox. You should consider giving it a try.

  3. Nice one, Shedletsky. No I’m not afraid – and I’ve even watched the Googlezon/EPIC history lesson ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Mark, I’ve looked at Skylook. It’s not for me. Someone in your neck of the woods really loves it, though. You should connect with him – Lee Hopkins in Adelaide ( He does a good podcast, too.
    Chris, I think the name GTalk may well enter many people’s vocab as the name they’ll use. Like you, that’s what I call it.
    Ken, I’ve tried Gizmo (initial impressions here: Yes, it is good, but nowhere near compelling enough to make me switch from Skype at the moment.

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