Blog Day connections

Today is BlogDay, the day when it’s great to be part of a way to make some new connections.

So I decided to link to some blogs that I’ve not directly connected to before, all from my PubSub and Technorati watchlists that show bloggers who have linked to some of my posts during the past month.

Here they are – five blogs that I suggest you visit, take a look at what the bloggers have to say and maybe join in their conversations:

  • The Ted Rap – Ted Demopoulos’ thoughts and musings on information technology, security, business and more.
  • Sue’s Place (Southern Rants) – Where Sue can be Sue and rant in a southern voice when she feels like it.
  • NetWizz Jungle Blog – the blog in French of some cool graphic designers in Paris (already a connection: they designed the graphics for Blogging Planet, among others).
  • The Closed Circle – Dave Briggs’  online diary. (Nice WordPress blog.)
  • Below The Fold – media, politics and culture in the modern age by Gary Goldhammer.

Blog Day is the initiative of Nir Ofir, the Editor in Chief of an Israeli portal, So that makes six connections 😉

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3 thoughts on “Blog Day connections

  1. Neville,
    Very happy to find myself listed by one of my favorite Podcast Stars! Thanks & I will certainly check out the other blogs as well.
    Nice to see one of my favorite books listed here, Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead.” Both The Fountainhead and Atleas Shrugged have influenced many lives

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