FIR Interview: Jeremy Wright – August 30, 2005

In this edition of For Immediate Release podcast interviews, Neville enjoyed a 28-minute conversation with Jeremy Wright, blogger, author and consultant. Topics discussed include Jeremy’s business blogging book and his forthcoming launch of a new consumer blog network.

About our conversation partner:

Jeremy Wright is a serial entrepreneur, some have even said a blogpreneur for his focus on communications-oriented ventures. He has been involved in IT, programming and the business side of IT for nearly a decade.

He is the author of Blog Marketing, a business book on blogging, and writes Ensight, a popular business and technology blog.

Jeremy consults on blogging, communication, IT and time management. He is the father of two boys, Evan and Alex, and a semi-decent husband to Shannon.

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Interview Segment Time Points:

  • 00:24 Neville introduces the interview
  • 02:07 The blog book: when it’s coming out, attention focus
  • 03:32 Jeremy on the differentiator of his book and an overview of its content
  • 04:55 The Dell customer service fiasco: how could a company like Dell benefit from this book?
  • 07:59 Jeremy: a conversation is happening and companies can participate if they’re ready to listen
  • 09:10 Jeremy on the new design
  • 09:47 Jeremy: we’ll be launching a new blog network in a month or so
  • 10:46 Jeremy outlines the opportunities for a new blog network; one definite opportunity is in aviation
  • 11:28: Jeremy: we’re going to try something a little different – personas
  • 12:22 Jeremy: aim is to be the second-largest blogging network by the end of the year; opportunities for new content and distribution
  • 13:47 Jeremy: excited about the future of blogging, the future of this network and the extra exposure it will bring
  • 14:00 Neville on the market for niche blogs and what’s happening in Europe in this area
  • 14:46: Jeremy: mass opportunities in country/language focus sites, and in business sites
  • 15:41 Jeremy: an aviation blog is a big opportunity in North America, with a niche market of 4-6 million people
  • 16:57 Jeremy: expect to soft launch five blogs in the next couple of weeks
  • 18:25 Jeremy: other ventures – online training and seminars, time management book, courses for Microsoft
  • 18:55 Jeremy: looking for a name for the rock fusion band and what the music focus is
  • 20:24 Neville recaps the January interview with Jeremy
  • 21:25 Jeremy: Inside Blogging consultancy has basically died, looking to sell the company
  • 22:46 Jeremy: no longer doing Podcast Network show: cross-country move, other ventures
  • 23:52 Jeremy on podcasting with the new blogging network: lots of interest from advertisers to do podcasts, we’re interested too, but not launching podcasts yet
  • 25:43 Jeremy’s concise message to companies looking at blogging
  • 25:55 Conversation wrap up
  • 27:02 About this podcast and where to find For Immediate Release.

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