London podcasting conference set for success

Europe’s first conference on podcasting takes place in London tomorrow, and it looks clear that it will be a terrific event.

So far, 128 people have signed up and paid their ₤30 to participate in PodcastCon UK. The sign-up wiki shows a further 35 people who still might be there once they’ve paid the small fee (which you can do via PayPal).

The speaker line-up:

  • Chris Kimber, Head of Radio Interactive, BBC – podcasting from a public broadcaster’s perspective
  • James Cridland, Head of Strategic Development, Virgin Radio – podcasting from a commercial broadcaster’s perspective
  • Milverton Wallace, Managing Director, Quixa NetMedia – podcasting, blogging and social media
  • Richard Vobes, The Richard Vobes Radio Show – podcast production
  • Neville Hobson, For Immediate Release – podcasting as a tool for business communications
  • Chris Ritke, 49Media / – podcast technologies
  • Mark Hunter, The Tartan Podcast – the Podsafe Music Network
  • Chris Skinner, Simulacrum – a live version of Chris’s legendary Simulacrum podcast
  • Paul Nicholls, lawyer and podcaster ( – podcasting, legal issues, is speech really free? Defamation

Plus plenty of discussion and debate, with lots of podcasting and blogging too, no doubt. The event is sponsored by Be, a new broadband service in the UK offering ADSL2+ internet connectivity at a staggering 24 megabits. That’s fast!

Lots of mainstream media participation and reporting expected. Plus perhaps a surprise or two – one intriguing entry in the participant list on the wiki, from Damian Jennings of Playboy UK, says: “Will have an interesting announcement… and I might bring some bunnies…”

If you’re interested in podcasting and want to participate in a ground-breaking event in Europe, this is the one. Still time to sign up.

Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “London podcasting conference set for success

  1. Sorry to disappoint, I had to go to Amsterdam at very short notice for another conference there.
    Rest assured there WILL be a playboy announcement about podcasting in the VERY near future.

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