The broadband siren call

We all want fast always-on internet, right? Not a measly 8-megs-fast (that’s what I get here in The Netherlands), something blisteringly fast:

Give me speed that terrifies the old and exhilarates the young. Let me download life with wild abandon. Make it ludicrously affordable, that I may infuriate my friends (but make it easy for them to switch once they have seen the light). Bind me not by annual contracts, but convince me to stay loyal. And give me 24/7 telephone support in case I ever feel lonely.

Don’t cease to innovate.
Don’t give me less than the best.
And don’t ever cap my dreams.

Compelling stuff. Great ad copy from Be‘s sponsor page in the PodcastCon UK brochure given out at the conference in London on Saturday, promoting Be’s 24-meg broadband internet service in the UK.

Mind you, 24 megs seems positively pedestrian compared to the 100 megs that you can get in Japan or in South Korea – a statistic that Yat Siu mentioned when speaking at Les Blogs in Paris last April.

Whatever the speed, make it…

Exhilarating to many.
Frightening to some.
Compelling to all.