Global PR Blog Week 2.0 starts today

The second annual PR blogging summit, Global PR Blog Week 2.0, starts today and runs until the end of this week.

Global PR Blog Week 2.0 is an online event that will engage public relations, marketing and business professionals from around the globe in a discussion about how new communication technologies such as weblogs, podcasting, RSS and wikis are changing public relations and business communication.

More than 50 influential PR practitioners and bloggers are involved, from Argentina, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States. The participants will publish more than 70 case studies, articles and interviews covering the latest breakthroughs in online communication technology, including:

  • Challenges of corporate blogging
  • Blog relations
  • Education for the New PR
  • Types of corporate blogs
  • Tools, trends, and practices (including blog monitoring, podcasting, wikis, and online media rooms)
  • Customer-generated marketing
  • Transparency and ethics
  • Mainstream media and citizen journalism

The event is free and open to everybody to participate. If you’re involved in, or have a strong interest in, PR, marketing and other elements of organizational communication, this will be a terrific professional development event for you. You can ask questions, make comments and participate in the discussion through the event’s weblog.

For a complete list of participants and the conference schedule, visit:

The planning of Global PR Blog Week 2.0 was done mostly on the internet, by using a public Yahoo! Groups discussions list, and via The New PR Wiki, a collaboration space for professionals interested in the practice of public relations, hosted at

One thought on “Global PR Blog Week 2.0 starts today

  1. My professor, Robert French, is one of the supporters and participators of Global PR Blog Week. Since I just started blogging in his class, all of this is so new my head is constantly spinning. (I’m not even really sure what a wiki is!) This is really a great chance for me to figure out what’s going on without having to bug Robert all the time. I’m fresh off a trip to my first PR conference, where I went to a lot of sessions dealing with these topics, so I’m eager to find out more! It’s convenient that this is right after my trip…it’s a good follow-up for me. I look forward to reading your contributions!

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