Blogging the Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show takes place this week, and a group of bloggers is there courtesy of German car maker BMW.

PR blogger Björn Ognibeni writes:

I am traveling to Frankfurt [on 16 September] visiting the 61st International Motor Show (IAA). BMW was so kind to invite a bunch of bloggers, including me, to the show. We will probably see their products and talk about blogs as a communications channel for companies. Nice move !

A few days ago, a special blog covering the event – the IAA-Blog – was launched. The whole project was “enabled” by BMW. But the car maker is only mentioned briefly somewhere in the imprint. No “powered by” or “we are proud to be sponsored by”. Interesting approach. But why is BMW doing it this way ? One of the questions I am looking forward to get answered today…

So far, the IAA Blog doesn’t have an answer to Björn’s question as far as I can tell (it’s all in German). But what a great initiative by both the show organizers and BMW to facilitate a forum for discussion with show and car enthusiasts about what’s going on at the show. Lots of photos of the new cars on display as well.

Even though my German language skills are a bit rusty, I can see a marked difference with the informality and concise conversational style of the blog compared to the ad-supported slickness of traditional online reporting from mainstream media sites such as Auto Bild and portals such as Yahoo! Deutschland Autos.

Not to criticize at all, just to note that difference and this one – the blog is a two-way medium as you can directly comment so giving the show organizers and BMW a useful channel for gathering informal feedback and an opportunity to engage with those people who comment. Not so with the online magazine.

That’s what blogs can do!

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  1. Frankfurt Motor Show blog

    Trovo di grande interesse l’attenzione che in questi giorni la casa automobilistica BMW sta mostrando nei confronti del blogging. Cogliendo al volo l’occasione fornita dal Frankfurt Motor Show, la casa tedesca ha infatti finanziato la creazione di …

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