Care charity offers self-help podcasts

This looks like a first – the St John Ambulance first aid, transport and care charity in the UK has produced iFIRSTAID, a series of first aid audio files that offer tips and advice on the steps you should take if you come across an accident scene and need to provide first aid to anyone.

In an announcement on their website, the charity says:

[…] ‘Following the terrorist attacks on London, we experienced a 25% increase in enquiries about First Aid courses. We heard from many people who had wanted to help the injured but were not confident to administer First Aid,’ said Andrew New, senior training officer at St. John Ambulance. ‘Now that MP3 players are so popular our iFIRSTAID downloads will make First Aid guidance available for people when they need it, where they need it, in the format they need it.’

As well as subscribing to the RSS feed and getting them via iTunes (in Apple’s AAC file format), you can also download the MP3 files directly. The site currently lists 17 podcasts. Each audio programme is also offered as a stream in the Real Audio format.

A tremendous example of the use of this medium. That makes number 21 for Kevin Dugan’s list of 20 creative ideas for podcasting.

(Hat tip: The Angel Blog)

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  1. St John Ambulance podcasting

    St John Ambulance have made a series of audio files available of spoken tips covering the basic First Aid techniques. MP3, AAC, and Real formats can be downloaded, or you can subscribe to a RSS feed. I agree with Neville

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