Telling the EU what we want

What do online Europeans want from an e-enabled government? asks William Heath:

Public sector computerisation will cost Europe €88bn in 2005. But did we ever say what we wanted? Are e-government projects designed for citizens? Do we use them? Will they make life easier and meet our needs? Should we trust them? Unless we ask, how can they give us what we want? Thinking and saying what we want is more fun than griping, and more constructive too.

Let’s blog this online, here. I’ve got a chance to collate and present the results to Ministers and senior officials at the EU e-government summit in November.

Let’s tell them what we want!

Heath is chairman of Kable, a UK-based provider of public sector research, publishing and event services, and the firm sponsoring the Ideal Government Europe blog. The initiative was announced by Kable on 14 September.

If you want Heath to tell Europe’s ministers and top e-government officials what you actually want, this is the place to do it. You can sign up to be an author on the blog or just leave comments. Either way, you can contribute.

(Hat tip: Loic Le Meur)