Solving your communication challenges

IABC members will soon be receiving their copy of the brochure for IABC EuroComm 2005, the fifth annual professional development conference in Europe that brings together communicators from across the globe to share best practices, examine case studies and discuss the latest developments in communication planning, practice and analysis.

Considering the role of new media in the communication mix will be a prominent feature of this conference, with a panel discussion in the opening plenary session on 1 December:

Hot Topic | The Giant Global Focus Group: Opportunities and Challenges for Communicators

Through the rapidly-increasing use of social media like weblogs, RSS and podcasts, people are talking about you, your company and your brands. These conversations take place in the blogosphere, the new meeting place where customers, employees, shareholders and others engage with one another in informal conversations that have far-reaching consequences for organizations and communicators.

In a radical change to the traditional centralized model of creating and distributing news and information, the receivers and consumers of that news and information look as though they now call the shots. You can ignore this new place or be part of it. Either way, the conversations are happening with or without you.

What does this mean for the press release, the website, the brochure, the employee newsletter or the investor conference call? Communication planning, measurement and evaluation?

Join a panel of senior communicators and business leaders who will help you understand the power and influence of the world’s biggest focus group and help you put it all into perspective.

In what I’m convinced will be a lively and stimulating debate, I’m moderating this panel discussion and will be joined by a great group of people to make up the panel – Elizabeth Albrycht, Alliance Partner, Blogging Planet and Editor, Corante’s Future Tense; Niall Cook, Director Netcoms, Hill & Knowlton; Loïc Le Meur, Executive Vice President, Six Apart SA; and Glenn Manoff, Communications Director, O2 UK.

In preparation is a special blog that will be a place for pre-conference discussion and conversation relating to the panel discussion. I expect that blog to be live by mid October.

In the meantime, you can visit the EuroComm website for full details about the conference and to register. If you’re not an IABC member (visit the IABC website for info on joining this worldwide professional association that has over 13,000 members), you can still attend this event. And, if you don’t want to wait for your copy of the printed conference brochure to arrive in the mail, you can download it here (PDF, 2Mb).

Hope to see you in Paris in December!

[EDIT] Just reading this post, I notice that I didn’t state the dates for this conference! The little graphic has them but if you don’t see the graphic, you won’t see the dates.

Ok, for your diaries – the conference takes place in Paris and starts on Wednesday 30 November with an evening networking reception. The conference then kicks off on Thursday 1 December and ends on Friday 2 December.

See the full schedule on the conference website.