Apple launches video iPod

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Meanwhile, one item for you, briefly discussed in FIR #76 (recorded yesterday, a day earlier than usual).

The speculation was correct – yesterday Apple launched a video iPod. My recommendation – forget the iPod nano; this is the one to get. Just look at the specs. And think about video podcasts.

Oh, Apple also announced a new iMac G5. And iTunes version 6.

Just over two months until Christmas…

7 thoughts on “Apple launches video iPod

  1. Apple’s video iPod, no thanks

    One of the most knowledgeable communications blogs is by Neville Hobson.
    He always has some excellent insights on what he calls the “collision
    between new technology and communications”.
    But this time I’m not entirely convinced. In NevOn: Apple …

  2. Steve Jobs spent months dismissing the notion of a video iPod. Not just dismissal — contemptuous dismissal. He insisted there was no market for such a thing. The next time Jobs insists Apple isn’t working on something, who’s going to believe him?

  3. Now I am not big into the Ipod thing quite yet, but this has by far caught my attention. Never did I imagine that an Ipod could do this. 150 hours of video. This is going to revolutionize the way people watch television. The possibilites are beginning to become endless for this Ipod that was once regarded for just listening to music.
    All of my friends have Ipods, and I have never quite understood the use for them until recently. Normally, my thinking on the whole matter was that they were useless. Someone that has a cd player in their car, someone who doesn’t need music when they run, and someone who didn’t want a small device that held all their music, would have no use for an Ipod. Now Ipods can allow you to download your favorite shows, listen to podcasts, and allowed you to download photos.
    For me this is scary. I can not even begin to think what will be next for Apple. For the Apple industry however, this is a boom for them. I did not think Ipods would last and they would just be a fad that quickly faded. I do not see that happening anytime soon. I believe Apple is doing a great job keeping up with the fast paced society and with the Ipod you can go anywhere and still have what you need at the click of a button. Cliche I know. But it’s true. You can take all this on the road with you wherever you go. And now with all the added accessories you can buy for an Ipod, it seems to me this is becoming a fixed product in our country.

  4. This new iPod togehter with iTunes 6 and Quicktime Pro 7.03 is a great combination. Not only has it become very easy to create videomaterial, also distribution and consumption have improved enormously. As Apple has secured the rights issue in the distribution chain, we will definitely see much more coming then the few things that have been introduced sofar. Microsoft and others will definitely follow, so probably we are seeing a stepchange in the industry convergence between media and technology.

  5. I have to say that I am not too familiar with iPods. I know my Dad just bought an iPod Nano (he doesn’t really know how to use it though). I was excited for him though because he’s dipping his feet into new technology, something my parents are extremely unaware/uninterested in, but I was happy that he was ditching his Walkman finally. I have been interested in getting an iPod especially since listening to music is one of my favorite things to do. I just can’t believe all the new and available features that the different iPods offer now. I don’t know where to start. At first it is a bit overwhelming which might be why my Dad stayed with just the Nano. But, I agree with Josh, that the possibilities are endless and Apple will continue to update and improve their product more and more.
    I also know a lot of people that use iPods. People I know mostly use them to listen to music but I think that it is great that these new products are offering ways to watch movies and shows, listen to podcasts, and listen to all your favorite songs. I think this is great for Apple too. I want an iPod for all of the available access that it provides but I am also interested in its use for podcasts. I have come across a couple that I am extremely interested in but am not able to listen to because I don’t have an iPod. The product offers so much that it is honestly incredible to me. I will have to add this to my Christmas list. :0)

  6. Shel, I agree. Yet he seems to not suffer any really negative fallout (although I wonder how his crying wolf, so to speak, is regarded by Apple employees).
    But what a way to get constant attention! Plus he is truly an outstanding presenter – did you see him presenting?
    Guido, you’re dead right re ease of use. Apple makes it all so very easy. While I don’t have a new iPod (yet!), I’ve just installed iTunes 6 and it seems pretty good. Much more focused on podcasts and video content in terms of menuing, descriptions, etc.
    As for what’s next, Josh and Darien, well, Apple has invited the press to another ‘secret agenda’ meeting on Oct 19 – this coming Wednesday.
    Macworld has the details –
    See the comments to that post for lots of speculation!

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