The secret of Apple’s success

Apple may be just a minor player in the computer and consumer electronics industries in terms of revenue ($14 billion in fiscal 2005) and market share (less than 5% worldwide) but, Fortune magazine says, it is now undeniably setting the pace for both of those industries in terms of hardware, software, and industrial design.

Fortune’s short feature piece discusses Apple’s product range after the launch of the video iPod, iTunes v6 and new iMac G5, commenting on the user-focused way in which Apple approaches its products, its markets and its customers.

Apple’s secret? This quote from Apple CEO Steve Jobs says it very clearly:

[…] “Apple is a company that takes complex technology and makes it easier and simpler to use,” he says, and seems satisfied with his answer. But moments later he smiles, and refines his definition: “Our goal is to stand at the intersection of technology and the humanities.”

A couple of interesting stats in Fortune’s article:

  • The iPod now owns 75% of the mobile-music-player market
  • The iTunes online music store now accounts for 84% of all legal sales of downloaded digital music

Fortune | Jobs Speaks: What’s Next for Apple

2 thoughts on “The secret of Apple’s success

  1. Although Apple’s computers may not be very popular among everyday users, their Ipods and Itunes are everywhere. Like the numbers suggested, Apple is way ahead of the game in legal music downloads and the sale of personal music and video devices. With so many new Ipods coming out around the same time consumers may not purchase one because they waiting on the next one. Apple may need to slow down and pace itself a little.
    I am a little skeptical about the new video Ipod. I’m just not sure if people are really going to watch TV shows on a tiny screen when they can TiVo the show and watch it at home. I know that television networks are concerned about new technology messing up their rating systems and taking away viewers, but think it may take longer for that to happen.
    The plasma screen TVs are becoming very popular so I think most people will prefer to watch their shows on a big screen. All the new devices are great, but I think it’s going to be a while before we see the real effects of the video Ipods. While Apple may be the leader in music technology, I’m not so sure if they are ready to take over the video and television market, yet.

  2. I think the first statement from Apple CEO Steve Jobs defines their mission most clearly for me. I have always known Apple as a brand of computers particularly one of my very first computers. But I have experienced that their computer technology may not be as strong as some of their other products. I have definitely come to know the iPod products and iTunes products recently. I think they are great techonologies that work to convenience and give pleasures to people today. When I first heard of iPod I thought it was genius. I agree that I think Apple might want to let one product develop and settle into consumers minds and hearts before introducing another but , I understand that it might make sense that these new products offer more and faster and that is what people are looking for. I think it might also be a good idea to target specific groups with their products. I think a lot of older consumers or buisness consumers might be more interested in their computer products and not so much music and video products where as younger or more tech-savvy people are interested and understand the iPods. I know my Dad just bought a Nano because he travels but I honestly don’t think he knows how to use it yet. He probably is still using is Walkman.
    I think Apple has come out with great new products that forecast the impossible means of technology in the future. I hope they keep it up and maybe finally I will be able to buy my first iPod.

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