FIR Interview – Jonathan Mast and Aidan Hagood – October 24, 2005

In this edition of For Immediate Release podcast interviews, Shel enjoyed a 24-minute conversation with Jonathan Mast and Aidan Hagood. Jonathan is a senior communications specialist with Sedgwick Claims Management Services; Aidan is the communications department admin. Together, they host “QuickCast,” arguably the first completely internal podcast.

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Interview Segment Time Points:

  • 00:20 Audio clip of the intro to “QuickCast”
  • 00:38 Shel introduces the interview
  • 01:35 Shel introduces Jonathan and Aidan
  • 01:52 Jonathan provides some background on Sedgwick CMS
  • 03:02 A look at Sedgwick’s traditional communications
  • 03:44 The motivation for producing a podcast for employees
  • 04:15 The strategic planning behind the podcast
  • 05:35 They conducted research on digital media player ownership among employees
  • 06:17 Sedgwick PCs have audio capabilities
  • 07:12 A look at the content of “QuickCast”
  • 08:45 An opportunity to get employees closer to the customer
  • 10:02 How the podcast was marketed to employees
  • 11:25 How “QuickCast” is distributed and plans for RSS feeds
  • 12:58 How “QuickCast” is recorded
  • 13:50 They try to keep “QuickCast” to no more than six and a half minutes
  • 14:30 Employee feedback on the podcast
  • 16:00 Measuring listenership
  • 17:35 Jonathan and Aiden on developing a co-hosting relationship
  • 19:04 What it costs
  • 19:21 Future podcasting plans
  • 20:27 Final comments
  • 21:07 A clip of a “QuickCast” featuring Sedgwick CMS President and CEO Dave North
  • 21:35 Shel wraps up the interview segment
  • 22:03 General information on “For Immediate Release”

Links for the individuals and organizations we discussed or mentioned in the conversation:

Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Audacity audio recording and editing software, Lawrence Ragan Communications Inc.

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