Les Blogs 2.0 will change the way you think

If you’re planning to join the more than 120 people already signed up to participate in Les Blogs 2.0 in Paris on 5-6 December, get clear in your mind right now that this will be no ordinary conference:

A New World is here

Don’t you feel the rules and our world are changing ? Don’t you feel changed by what many people call the Web 2.0 ? We believe as most of you that the way we work, the way we learn and teach, the way we interact with one another and more generally our expectations and relationships to other people, the institutions, the business world and politics are changing dramatically.

It is not only about blogging, it’s about changing the way we think.

Yesterday, the near-final event programme was published. Here you can see the breadth and depth of thinking you can expect to see and hear – and be part of. You’ll meet some of the blogosphere’s foremost movers-and-shakers in the world, people who have ideas, influence and the ability to make things happen.

I’ll also be there and, on day 2, moderating a panel discussion on podcasting, photo- and videoblogging.

Two days of amazing interactions and all for just €200 plus VAT. How can you afford not to be there? Sign up here!

One thought on “Les Blogs 2.0 will change the way you think

  1. Sounds like an interesting event, but quite frankly, I kind of like the way I think! Of course in a couple of years (or maybe even a couple of weeks) I’ll be amazed yet again at how ignorant I recently was 🙂
    I just may attend – it’s only a frequent flier ticket away! And Paris is nice too, although the Parisians dislike my French so much they almost prefer to talk to me in English.

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